Blog: Shirt.Woot is serving up a Fashionable Feast!

Posted Monday, February 13th, 2012 05:20 pm GMT +00:00   |   0 comments

Like a mad scientist loose in the kitchen the food-loving maniacal geniuses over at Shirt.Woot are baking up a batch of delectable looking shirts and hoodies. Yes, all these edible references are not just for funzies, it’s for the week long extravaganza their dubbing “The Attack of the Adorable Edible Wearables!”

Shirt.Woot is rolling out only their sweetest tees, long sleeves, and hoodies from their culinary inspired collection. Cooking up everything from the hilariousness of hotdogs to the down right make you say “awwwww that’s so cute”-ness of the bento box these are bound sell like….hmmm…well like hot-cakes.

So if you’ve had enough of our food-laced puns or need to indulge in more (I highly recommend checking out the hotdog shirt just for the song that comes with it) kick it over to Shirt.Woot. The sale ends Monday, February 19th at midnight so pick one up before your conscious devours you whole for not getting one while you could of.


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