Posted Monday, April 25th, 2011 07:07 pm GMT +00:00   |   4 comments

The new!

Razzle dazzle in this new layout! We want you to feel super delicious when you visit us. Below are the new features to!

  • Newer, more ruggedly handsome than it’s predecessor, IHTHT!
  • Bolder colors, bolder mascot (wait, the only mascot we’ve ever had), and bolder stuff.
  • Last 7 days worth of deals will still be available for sale if it’s not sold out!
  • Um, this blog your on is new.
  • New logo!
  • Daily facts to jog your IQ.
  • A FUN ZONE! Yes, for all you gamerz out there.
  • A weekly giveaway section so you can participate in our FREEBIES!
  • More mystery stuff!
  • Combined cart system so you can load up your cart and save on shipping!
  • AND BEST OF ALL – a shorter web address, so you don’t ever get confused and call us, “I Gotta Get” or “I Need To Have” or “I Have To Have” or “I Think I Need”.


– ThatDailyDeal (IHTHT) Staff


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