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The new!

Razzle dazzle in this new layout! We want you to feel super delicious when you visit us. Below are the new features to!

  • Newer, more ruggedly handsome than it’s predecessor, IHTHT!
  • Bolder colors, bolder mascot (wait, the only mascot we’ve ever had), and bolder stuff.
  • Last 7 days worth of deals will still be available for sale if it’s not sold out!
  • Um, this blog your on is new.
  • New logo!
  • Daily facts to jog your IQ.
  • A FUN ZONE! Yes, for all you gamerz out there.
  • A weekly giveaway section so you can participate in our FREEBIES!
  • More mystery stuff!
  • Combined cart system so you can load up your cart and save on shipping!
  • AND BEST OF ALL – a shorter web address, so you don’t ever get confused and call us, “I Gotta Get” or “I Need To Have” or “I Have To Have” or “I Think I Need”.


- ThatDailyDeal (IHTHT) Staff


  1. So I just paid for membership to ihtht and now it’s not a thing or what? And what happened to my points?


  2. I know you are still working out the bugs but I wanted to let you know that as of today (7 May), being able to log in is one of them. Eagerly awaiting the fully new and bug free site!


  3. Thanks Yvonne! We can’t wait either, and we hope that you’ll enjoy all the new features we’ve added!


    ThatDailyDeal Staff
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