Blog: Just a few bugs….

Posted Saturday, May 7th, 2011 05:09 am GMT +00:00   |   3 comments

Thanks for the feedback! We are working feverishly to fix a few more bugs. Definitely keep us updated if you run into any problems, ie: broken links, broken images, cart issues, or don’t see something you think you should. We are fixing them as they come. Thanks guys and we appreciate all your help!

- ThatDailyDeal Team

  1. Unable to place an order on May 6th or May 7th. Will NOT add to my cart. ?????


  2. On the shirt Part of your Site, Could you Please put what sizes are Available on the Shirt page instead of the Checkout side. That would make a WHOLE lot easier for everybody IMO . Just a suggestion is all. :)


  3. Thanks for your feedback, are working to get the last few bugs fixed!


    ThatDailyDeal Staff
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