Blog: May 5th’s Secret Deal – This is a private post

Posted Saturday, May 5th, 2018 02:31 pm GMT +00:00   |   0 comments

Today’s Secret Deal:

8 Pack of LED Dimmable Light Bulbs – 75w Equivalent – Just $2.75 Per Bulb Delivered.
(That’s VERY cheap for LED bulbs)

These will last you 15 YEARS PER BULB & cost a tiny fraction to power compared to traditional light bulbs!

Grab these and when an old bulb burns out, switch with these and just sit back for 15 years knowing you’re saving money every single day!

(Very limited amount available and yes, these fit standard light bulb sockets)


This deal not for you? You can always check out the not-so-secret Amazon’s deals of the day here:

Until next time…

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