Blog: Meet Meatball – Our newest staff member (We don’t discriminate, even against animals)

Posted Monday, April 25th, 2011 07:11 pm GMT +00:00   |   1 comment

Times were hard for Meatball when he stumbled upon our company. The fields were bare, his mother was ill, and he was in over his horns in bad gambling debts.  We weren’t exactly    eager to make his acquaintance, him being cloven hooved and all.

Boy, were we wrong about Meatball. Not only does he have a plethora of skills not found in your average barn yard friend (such as an exquisite eye for marketing and the ability to haggle with the best of them), but he is also just an all around amazing guy (we once witnessed him rescue 4 children, 3 kittens, and a tortoise from a burning building. His tail was singed, but everyone made it out safely).

Once he joined our team of talented individuals in 2011, there was just no stopping him. With the income he was able to earn from his vast talents in Social Media, he was able to fertilize his fields, medicate his mother, and pay off those game sharks. Meatball wasn’t the only one to benefit from our relationship. His sweet character and furry charm are a never-ending resource for That Daily Deal. Our customers really seem to appreciate the thoughtful service he provides to every individual (he definitely whipped our existing customer service reps into shape). He even has a hoof in the scourcing of our awesome products, which is why Meatball gets to have his very own Picks (we don’t let just any old person or goat pick product, you know). Meatball is, overall, a pleasure to work with, which is why he is now the face of…


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